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Entry fee

€ 230,-

PPVR 2022_Logo.png

What is included:

  • Gala Dinner on Saturday

  • Meal on Friday at the Lögerhütte

  • Catering during the Rallye

  • Polo

  • Legend banner made of fabric

  • metal badge

  • Patches

  • sticker

  • roadbook

  • surprise

  • Driver

€ 230,-

  • Double room per person (including breakfast and local tax)

€ 198,-

  • Multi room 3-5 beds per person (including breakfast and local tax)

Room prices for 3 nights at the Jufa Hotel Pyhrn-Priel incl. Pyhrn-Priel Active Card!


With our start and finish area, we have chosen a place with history - it is the former Ordensspital am Pyhrn. Today, this eponymous landmark of the town of Spital am Pyhrn houses next to the collegiate church and the Jufa Hotel, which provides us with the entire courtyard area. Since we have reserved all the rooms in the hotel, the starters are preferred in advance, the book the entire package as intended - get up breakfast with the rest of the starters and off you go with the rally.
(Jufa Hotel Pyhrn-Priel)
Those who would like to participate in the rally but do not book the hotel, please send an e-mail to We will make a note and will let you know at the end of January whether we can still give you a starting place or not.


Thank you for your understanding !

€ 162,-

Transfer within 14 days of receipt of confirmation!

Entry fee is penalty money!

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